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A single missing shingle, growth of algae and moss on the fascia or corroded chimney mortar flashing, if not paid immediate attention to, can end up progressing into a more severe damage problem for your roofing system.
A small water spot on your ceiling, if unrepaired, can go on to transform into a full-fledged leaky roof that can not only ruin your expensive interior furnishings but also considerably compromise on the structural integrity of your house by causing extensive decay.
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    When A Storm Hits
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    The strong winds and hail can cause serious damage to your residential or commercial roofing systems leaving them in urgent need of repair.
    Hail Damage

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    If you are living in Louisiana or any of the neighboring areas, you would be privy to the unforgiving hurricane season that wreaks havoc on the region every year. The strong winds and hail can cause serious damage to your residential or commercial roofing systems leaving them in urgent need of repair.
    Having said that, it is imperative to get the seemingly insignificant hail, wind, and storm damage fixed by a professional roof maintenance contractor right away before the issue spirals out of control.
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    If you notice any of the aforementioned signs of damage after the hurricane season, you must immediately call up a professional roofing contractor such as Baton Rouge Roof Repairs to evaluate the situation and suggest a suitable corrective action that also aligns with your budget.
    Given our years of experience in the industry, we have gathered the technical know-how and understanding of the different types of roofing systems and the most effective treatments to fix them the right way. At Baton Rouge Roof Repairs.
    we understand your unique roofing system like no other company does and are well-equipped to set the situation right before it aggravates beyond repair. Some of the common tell-tale signs of hail, wind, and storm damage that you must watch out for include:
    • Missing or cracked shingles
    • Water spots or a leaky roof
    • Damaged flashing
    • Visible decay in AC Vents/Heater stacks
    • Visible decay in the fascia
    • Accumulation of storm debris
    • Ponding of water
    • Accumulation of algae or moss
    • Loose Shingles
    • Damaged or corroded mortar flashing
    • Granular loss on the surface of the roof
    • Damaged skylight
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    Hail Damage Roof Repair
    Storm Damage

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    We employ the use of advanced tools and technology to identify the underlying root cause of damage in your roofing system and carry out targeted repairs without touching the surrounding intact and functional area. This not only helps us in carrying out the repairs most efficiently while saving time but also in significantly cutting back on your repair costs by avoiding unnecessary replacement of good roofing.
    Our roofing experts pay a visit to the site and assess the extent of damage to determine an estimate of the repair costs involved. We believe in transparency and would never shock you with any hidden costs for our services. We take pride in the superior quality of our craftsmanship and believe in achieving 100% customer satisfaction by delivering on our promises.

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